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MacLaren Wine

Our Winemaker

Steve Law arrived in France, from his native Scotland, to work in the hi-tech world and was immediately immersed in French culture. Over ten years he and his friends would regularly jump in someone’s car on weekends and holidays and go exploring the country’s wine regions. He discovered his palate and passion for wine, notably the Sauvignon Blanc from Loire Valley, Pinot Noir from Burgundy, Rosé from Provence, and Viognier from Condrieu. But it was in Northern Rhone that he discovered Syrah... and his world changed.
His hi-tech career brought him to the sunny shores of northern California. It was a dinner in Los Gatos where he met up with a couple of French winemaker friends and they pushed him to do something about the passion he so clearly had for wine. He again ventured out to explore the local wine regions and met winemaker Michael Talty, who encouraged him that the best way to learn was to just do it. A totally innocuous statement, but one Steve took as an offer, and in 2006 Steve worked his first harvest in Sonoma County. In 2007, he asked Michael if he could make a wee bit of Syrah at his winery and he agreed to it as a trade for helping him with Talty wines. The rest, as they say, is history. In 2007 Steve moved with his wife Heather to Sonoma and produced his first vintage of Syrah under the MacLaren label.