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There are few wine tasting experiences where guests have the opportunity to meet the winemaker, which makes a visit to MacLaren truly special. When you visit the MacLaren Cottage, winemaker Steve Law will be your personal host, guiding you through a flight of limited-production Syrah, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Through the wines you'll explore unique vineyards across premier Sonoma County winegrowing regions in a way that is both educational and entertaining.

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Winemaker Steve Law is inspired by his time in France and love of French wines. He pursues vineyards in the cooler, fog-blanketed regions of Sonoma County to tease out gentle nuances and layers of complexity, with the goal being to showcase elegant, approachable wines reminiscent of his favorite appellations. MacLaren wines are meant for the table, to be enjoyed by family and friends.

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The Drouthy Neebors spring release is around the corner and Cooper would love to share some new wines with you, including the inaugural vintage of Greywacke Vineyard Syrah. You are invited to join the clan and enjoy the benefits of membership - including the opportunity to customize your wines, exclusive access to limited bottlings, winemaker dinners and discounted shipping.

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